4 February 2010

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Being industrious means:

-Getting out of bed before 11:00am and staying out of bed.
-Getting dressed before 4:00pm on days off.
-Walking more than six blocks and for something besides work.
-Eating something besides cereal for any meal.
-Finishing a Netflix DVD so I can send it back for another one.
-Blow drying my hair instead of letting it air dry.
-Thinking about cleaning the house.

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I'm posting multiple times a day. That's a sure indicator that I have enough time to think enough thoughts to have at least two of them be explored in writing. Usually I just mull things over by myself, but for some reason it's back in style to write.

It's funny, I was changing music over to my shuffle in preparation for the walk to Eli's, and I thought "Man, I should walk by Jewel and get a pack of cigarettes. That sounds like a great idea," and then I thought "Wait a second. I'm pretty sure about 4 hours ago I was thinking cheerfully to myself about how glad I am that I don't smoke very often. Man. Sometimes I'm so..." and then I started laughing because I was about to say bipolar. HA!

It's true though (not chemically, although that's also true). I have vastly different takes on the world and myself in relation to the world based on whether or not it's dark outside. Sometimes they're quite in opposition. I could almost say often.

Apart from Limewire not working, that's all she wrote.


p.s. I think it says something about me that the first time I heard Flyleaf's "Again", I felt it as a dom singing to a sub, not as a song of the Christian persuasion. Oops. It may also say the same thing about me that I choose to continue hearing it the first way even after the second was suggested to me. Ha.


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