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(1:38:52 AM) Natelew4: have you ever seen breaking bad?
(1:38:55 AM) Jasmin: nnnno?
(1:39:25 AM) Natelew4: you might enjoy it, it is about a chemistry teacher who after finding out he has cancer starts a meth lab
(1:39:30 AM) Jasmin: oh right
(1:41:26 AM) Natelew4: so I will be back.....on a completely unrelated topic......oh and do you know where to get discount gas masks just in case >.>
(1:41:34 AM) Jasmin: nooooooope
(1:41:35 AM) Jasmin: wait
(1:41:37 AM) Jasmin: the internet
(1:41:53 AM) Natelew4: LoL thanks......and I promise I am not plotting to start any crystal meth labs
(1:42:22 AM) Jasmin: yeah
(1:42:25 AM) Jasmin: cause you're not a chemist ;P
(1:42:46 AM) Natelew4: yeah I am a physicist, I am like 10 chemists :P

--uh oh--

(1:42:54 AM) Natelew4: <3
(1:43:10 AM) Jasmin: yeah. like 10 freshman chemists.
(1:49:09 AM) Natelew4: 10 sophmore chemists, I am a graduate physicist :P
(1:49:22 AM) Jasmin: do you have your PhD yet?
(1:49:35 AM) Natelew4: PhD means I am worth 10 senior chemists
(1:49:37 AM) Natelew4: :P
(1:49:44 AM) Jasmin: 10 second semester freshman chemists.
(1:49:50 AM) Natelew4: bah fine
(1:50:09 AM) Natelew4: in my area of focus we actually have ot learn a lot of biology and chemistry
(1:50:10 AM) Jasmin: or 5 sophomore chemists, if you like.
(1:50:40 AM) Jasmin: Sure. I believe you.
(1:51:08 AM) Jasmin: And I know you're teasing, but it makes me crazy when people talk about their area of study like it's better than others. Especially in science. ><;
(1:51:19 AM) Natelew4: sorry
(1:52:28 AM) Jasmin: Say it's words
(1:52:45 AM) Jasmin: And a mathematician is master of all letters. Every letter in the alphabet.
(1:54:19 AM) Natelew4: then?

(1:56:54 AM) Jasmin: Then he says, "because I understand the makeup of all words, I must know the meaning of everything there is to say". And the physicist says, "No--because I understand how to group letters into words, I must know the meaning of everything there is to say." And the chemist says, "No--because I understand how words go into sentences, I must know the meaning of everything there is to say". And the biologist says, "No--because I understand how sentences flow together into full thoughts, I must know the meaning of everything there is to say."

(1:56:57 AM) Jasmin: And then there's a poet.
(1:57:18 AM) Jasmin: Who knows that each facet of language is necessary.

(1:57:34 AM) Natelew4: except for the semi colon

(1:57:35 AM) Jasmin: And arguing about whether the alphabet, words, sentences, or thoughts are the greatest
(1:57:40 AM) Jasmin: is retarded.
(1:59:24 AM) Jasmin: so yes. Nothing would exist the way it is today without math, and chemistry and biology without physics, and biology without chemistry (and medicine without biology)... but giving it a hierarchal order is untrue.
(1:59:48 AM) Natelew4: it is actually circular if you follow it all the way out
(2:00:18 AM) Jasmin: oh?
(2:00:33 AM) Natelew4: math comes from logic which I could argue comes form psychology which comes form biology which comes from chemistry which comes from physics which comes from math :P
(2:04:20 AM) Natelew4: so I actually find that I tend to hate doing a lot of chemistry and biology because I don't have as much ability to memorize things
(2:04:33 AM) Natelew4: which is most of what I have to do as a radiation person
(2:05:23 AM) Jasmin: ah
(2:05:43 AM) Jasmin: one of the most true things my orgo teacher ever told me was that Chemistry was a language.
(2:06:11 AM) Jasmin: And that at the beginning you might think of it as memorizing: new vocabulary, how words fit together etc
(2:06:26 AM) Jasmin: "where is the toilet" "I don't speak much Chemistry" "what time is it" etc
(2:06:51 AM) Jasmin: but after you live with it for long enough, it becomes logical and fluid.
(2:07:14 AM) Natelew4: problem is I don't use it often enough for me to want to take the time to memorize it all
(2:07:21 AM) Natelew4: or learn it
(2:07:42 AM) Jasmin: right. so you're going to end up with a 6th grade Spanish class vocabulary. :P
(2:07:49 AM) Natelew4: que?
(2:07:53 AM) Jasmin: exactly.



(2:11:09 AM) Laura O: What was?
(2:11:39 AM) Jasmin: the closest thing to my hand that I was drinking was a Mike's Hard pink lemonade
(2:13:36 AM) Jasmin: so I took my drugs with it, found out that I couldn't swallow it fast because it was carbonated, took a half swallow, accidentally bit down because it burnt with carbonation and got the lamotrigine in half, which immediately turned into an obviously reactive powder and fizzed into this nasty tasting foam. I swallowed it all due to some miracle, and then had no drink left to wash away the taste.
(2:13:38 AM) Jasmin: GAY.
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