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Actually, they never left.

This time I dreamed that there was a villain who decided that, as he was shunned by all the townsfolk in Victorian somewhere, he would make a bunch of free food that, after you ate it, made you fly into the air, set on fire, and suddenly all the gross bugs that were inside the food would fly out of your mouth.

This dream was in cartoon, m'kay.

My mother, sister, and I were the only ones who knew about this evil plot, but nobody would believe us--so we went to find my old childhood friend Tom Sawyer, and he was getting married.  I was sort of upset by this, because I had always loved him, but we hadn't seen each other in a while... so... mleh.  The wedding was full of free evil food, and so it exploded.  I was wearing rollerblades, and suddenly I was falling off the roof we were watching the wedding from, and Tom caught me and said we def. needed to get to the bottom of this and stop it.

While we were walking back my family's house to plan, Tom and I were holding hands, and he was being all sad sweet and touching my cheek with the back of his hand, and I was thinking "...but he's married now!  How can he be doing this!"  all the while being unwilling to tell him to stop because I loved him, so we were having a little secret time together which kept being interrupted because of the explosions everywhere and people flying into the air.

At some point, the cops came banging on the door of my house and accused Tom of being the villain, but we disproved it, and then we went to the villain's stronghold where he was shipping out all this food.  Tom went about pretending to be in charge of shipping, and because all the thugs shipping it were dumb as hell they believed him, and so pretty much all of it got destroyed--then we confronted the villain and tricked him into eating some of the food, and then he exploded.

When he came back down, he agreed that it was really nasty, so he stopped doing it.

Then I woke up.

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[Error: unknown template qotd] Oh my god.  Parkour.  In a second.  That's that crazy french sport where you jump up walls and leap from high distances and roll without breaking your legs or neck or arms.  Or nose.  Like in the beginning of Casino Royale where he's chasing the guy all over a construction site.  I'd do that in a hot minute.

Now dreams.  I have this recurring anxiety dream when I'm in Inorganic Chemistry (I had them last year too.  Something about the class must freak me out something terrible) where I'm late getting into the classroom.  The classroom is the same in every dream, but it isn't the same classroom that the class is actually in.  It's a dreamscape classroom that is consistent.  In this last dream, Prof. Clayton was writing on the board some advanced stuff that we absolutely needed to know to pass the class and I couldn't read his handwriting.  It was very small, and pretty messed up.  Before I could ask him to read it, he went over to the other board, and wrote down a problem that had to do with the stuff on the board.  He said it was a fairly easy problem that we should know from taking our previous Chemistry classes.  It had something to do with tangents.  He then called on me to answer it, and of course I couldn't because I couldn't read the things he wrote previously.  He then told me I should stay after class to talk about the easy Chemistry stuff that I didn't remember and to get me refreshed on it. 

All this time, he was keeping a tally on the board of who talked in class.  He would write down the name of the person who commented, and then put a "C" next to their name if it was a good question or observation, and a "U" next to their name if they mouthed off at him or made a funny comment that had no value to the subject at hand or it was a dumb question or observation.  At the end of the class period, if the Us outnumbered the Cs, some unexplained bad thing would happen to you.  This happens in every dream--even the ones from last year.  I usually have about the same number of Us and Cs, but there's always a moment of fear when he goes to put something next to your name--you're waiting in agony for him to judge whether your contribution meant anything to the class. 

Freaks me out.

I also had a dream where I went to a fortune teller with Nick and I asked her what would be the best course of action for me to take in life, and she said "follow your heart and not your head," and then Nick asked her what would give him happiness in life, and she said "Marry this girl here."


Then I woke up.


p.s. does anyone know how I can get this damn journal to show my location?

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I think that was a serious fever dream.

So first off I'm in a fantasy setting sort of like Thomas Covenant-like with the Land and all, but I am one of Lim Bim's (see the Biscuitbarrel family) descendants, and charged with keeping the universe in line or something.  There's an artifact and I'm trying to preserve it.  It's over a hole, and really belongs in a museum, and everyone around me keeps changing faces and tricking me (I'm the only one who can move it) into putting it places it doesn't belong slash giving it up to evil and dooming the world.  At the same time, I'm in the car with my family driving to O'Hare, because we're going to a family reunion.  It's the McKittrick family reunion, and for some reason we're all the McKittrick family, but Sean is not there.  His family isn't even there, it's all people I know who aren't McKittricks.

Weird.  So I get there, and we're sitting on the couch with my aunt (played by Nina), my mom, my sister, this girl in my family who apparently works at Borders (played by a rap music video-looking hispanic girl), two busy body women, and my three cousins.  I'm collapsed on the couch--we're all watching the fantasy style setting movie, this time the artifact is a juke box and the Biscuitbarrel scion succeeds in ending it down a dark bottomless (?) pit to the museum.  Villain howls in terror.  The view and colors are a little skewed, and my busybody relatives are asking me questions and trying to get me to respond.  My mom says I'm sick, and then suddenly I'm moving and viewing everything as if I am so delerious with fever that I'm hallucinating violently.  For a moment I am the Biscuitbarrel scion, and the artifact is a trash can--I'm falling down the bottomless (?) pit.  I think damn.  I'm back on the couch.  Everyone is concerned, especially Aunt Nina as she and my mom are apparently vying for the title of my mom.

She ushers me into the kitchen, which is the only room in this dream lit with natural light--it's Jane's kitchen from before she moved to her previous house.  There are plates drying on some sort of melted glass rack.  I think it's melting more, and there's a note on it, which Nina tells me not to read because I'm sick, and takes my temperature.  My real mom bustles up with a thermometer just as Nina starts leading me out of the kitchen.  My world is time-lagged, and I feel like I'm being pulled through water while floating.  My male cousin, who is a slightly seedier and older version of Flax says hey.  He has some kind of connection to the... orioles?  I don't even remember I think it was a sports team.  Not that he was a part of, just that he felt strongly about.  I'm told I should lie down and rest, and I sort of bonelessly flop down beside my cousins (three of them, played by my actual cousins) who are huddled up in the girl part of the room that was divided in half for the cousins to stay in.  The coverlet is pink and see through on top, the bed has a copper frame with bedknobs.  It looks slightly skewed, and the wall is falling over onto the girls side.  It is supported by my cousins heads and the bedknobs.  It's pretty janky.  On the other side of the girls room there's a smaller bed, same brass, with a blue coverlet like on the man's side.  They tell me that's my bed because I'm sick.  I jellyfish float and wobble over to that bed and crash down.  The walls are going like lava lamps.

I think lucidly, I shit you not, "I need to get a pen and a journal and write this down."  This segues into me going into the kitchen and trying to write the note that was on the melty looking glass dryer plate.  You know, the one that Nina told me not to read earlier.  I'm writing it.  I only get part way though, because male cousin shows up (suddenly I'm in the hallway) and is wearing sort of a purple velvet coat and some sort of hat.  Red and black shirt, think it was a graphic.  Anyway, he's sort of wheedling me to do things, or pulling me around, and he keeps changing faces.  At some point a voice from somewhere tells me I don't have to let him do that to me, and suddenly he's bigger than me and wearing a sweatshirt and a baseball cap and I'm kneeing him violently in the balls repeatedly because I was being sexually molested, at least I thought I was, and the cousins have to pull me away because it's my male cousin again.  I'm flipping out, the walls do not stop growing and shrinking throughout this whole time. 

I think lucidly, "I need to write this down."  I'm put into a room with my hispanic rap-video cousin, who is telling me about the way things roll at Borders.  She's wearing a Borders apron--one of the little belty ones.  She's like, it's a pity he stole those from you, because at Borders, we would totally get drunk.  I have no idea what's been stolen, or what I had.  I wooze into my male cousin later, who is guiltily stenciling a shot glass (the size of a regular glass) that has been flattened out into a plate with the orioles logo in the center to be glass cut into the shape of a heart.  He explains it means a lot to him and he's sorry 'cause it was mine, but he wanted something to remind him of the time I saved him.  I sort of float/stumble away--the room is constantly changing size and perspective. 

I can't remember some bits, obviously.  I wake up, and my face is full of sun, and my head is upside down.  The walls are totally changing shape.  I sit up.  Worms (sand ones, like from Dune) are jumping in and out of my covers.  I shake my head.  A shadow on the cover looks like the migrating Jewish people led by Moses.  Distinctly.  I shake my head.  It woozes.  I stumble out of bed.

I have got to write this shit down.  Holy crap.
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Last night:

It started downtown, possibly downtown Evanston. I was there with the choir and some people from the LARP. Perry was there, and so was Mike. We went to a streetside Icecream stand that Caitlin was running--it had absolutely insane flavours, like 'Medical Mint' and 'Beluga' and one was named after a fish that lives only in the depths of the ocean--it had scientific information about the fish on it. We got some icecream and then suddenly I was running to Nathaniel's house with Nathaniel and Sean at like 30mph. The streets are ones not occuring in real life, but I am familiar with them because I have had dreams set in this area before. We stop and Nathaniel takes out a guitar and starts playing it. I sat I have to go home, and start running for the big cross street that I think I recognise will take me home if I follow it long enough (dust is everywhere, like I'm in a desert). A woman from a broke-down house on the left side calls to me, then I was there talking to her. Someone was peeling hot glue off the wall--older woman, no face--the younger woman said she could hear the guitar being played (you could) and she wanted to play her guitar, and could I fix hers. I started to follow her in, but the house gave off a threatening vibe, so I stayed with one foot on the outside. Her guitar, when she brought it back, was really cheap and had hot glue all over it. I was peeling it off, we talked while I did it. She said she loved it when "the kids" came to visit. In fact, she liked it so much that it was like her birthday, so much that her husband said it could be her new birthday. I asked her if it was her birthday now, and she said 'no' because she didn't know me yet. I saig "a very merry unbirthday" to her, and she joined in at the end. She was obviously being beaten down and abused, and kept in the house, etc, so I decided I had to get her out. I told her I had to go, and she should come with me. When I was entreating her, I moved my foot in, and the screen door shut behind me (it's red) on the inside. She refused because this life was all she knew. I made a D&D reference like "if this is the character you rolled, I guess you can't cheam yourself higher numbers." and she said "are you talking about the numbers? the kids always get sad when they talk about the numbers." (obviously "the kids" play D&D, and made the same reference I had.)

I tried to leave then, but the screen door wouldn't open--it had locked. I became frustrated, unnerved; shaking, and then finally kicking the door. I had a flash forward where I jumped through the screen and it killed me, so I just kept kicking it. Eventually I broke the lock in the lower right corner of the door and tried to run, but there was a fence up now--electric. I had to stay the night. When I woke up in the morning, I was "part of the family." I told her I had to go home, my mom would we worried, and she said she was my mother now. She told me to go to the basement. I did, there was a man there dressed like a carnival caller (red pinstripe jacket, white pants, straw hat). There were also hundreds of dolls, life size, of Sean and Nathaniel (the kids?) and some other people. They got steadily bigger, like they were being done every year. He measured me for a doll.

I have to get out of here.

The house is open during the day, but everyone is watching me. The husband especially. He is small and dark haired with a full beard and looks totally imposing and capable of violence, though I only ever see him reading the paper in the kitchen. At night he sets up an electric fence. I have a flash forward where I run out in the morning and set fire to the house and the husband comes out and kills me. I have a flash forward where I leave and go home, and they stick my doll with pins in the manner of a huge voodoo doll until the pain is too great and I have to come back. I do neither of these things. One day, the wife calls out to Perry, who comes over and in before I can warn her. She gets trapped. I tell her we need to escape, and how everything is here. She's new, so it's okay for her to go out with the husband at night to see how the electric fence works. She watches him connect it, and after he turns away she breaks the circuit without him noticing. Early next morning, we bust out like no-one's business. The husband runs after us. This is also at like 30mph or faster. We have a chase down the street, eventually he catches up with us, and I turn around while running and ninja kick him in the chest. Perry thens stuffs him in a radiator (air conditioner?) and he dies. At nightfall we go back to the house, and he's there again. He doesn't see us, we're outside the electric fence. A car drives up and Dana and Loren get out. He's explaining the situation, she's nodding, then sets off toward the house. I ask Loren what's going on. He says it's a game he's running, and Dana hadn't finished it yet. I go what. Then I wake up.
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Last night I dreamed that I was in Silent Hill. I was armed with this sort of scythe, and James Sunderland was trying to kill me. So was his brunette female companion. So was everything else. At one point, I lost my scythe, and James told me he'd trade it back to me for my joie de vivre--my joy of life. It was apparently this quality that everyone had that gave a brightness to their life, made them able to live in any circumstance. It was unclear whether he wanted mine because he didn't have any, or just because he wanted to take away whatever was sustaining me in Silent Hill. I wasn't feeling particularly joyful--in fact, everything was drab in my world. I told him I would, anyway--it's not like I could survive unarmed anyway. So he trades me back my scythe and laughs at me... but I don't feel any different at all. Just the same.

Then I'm in a hospital hallway, and I suddenly feel... sparkly. And my scythe is gone. It's unclear whether or not I 'traded back', and got the joy that I had been lacking before, or if it was something symbolic but not logical. I'm sure this is what they were talking about--everything seems lighter and whiter and cleaner. James' brunette female companion (who I will call Balmafula, because despite being brunette, that's who she reminded me of) is tailing me, but she's not caught up yet. I duck into a side room, and Pyramid Head is in it. But I feel sparkly, so instead of flipping my shit and running, I recognize that he's hurting somehow. There's some sort of exchange in which I give him my joie de vivre, because I was surviving just fine without it. Pyramid Head has the voice from Noisy Hill. He is extremely grateful, and consequently doesn't kill me. In fact, we become lovers.


There are two other people there in the room, visible out of the corner of my eye, but neither pair is paying attention to the other. In fact, I'm not sure we even existed in the same reality--they are both human, the man has brown hair. I don't remember the woman, but I think she had brown hair too--in a victorian up-do. We're conversing in the same room a bit later--the other two are still there, also talking. They're sort of a mirror to the situation? I can't hear anything they say. I can't look straight at them. Anyway. We're talking about something, and Balmafula bursts in to kill me--she sees Pyramid Head there and freaks out. I pretend to freak out--he pretends to try to kill me, and I jump out of the window like I'm escaping. He turns to Balmafula and menaces her, and then I drop out of sight. As I'm falling, I'm talking to James, who is also falling. We are falling through a construction site with very tall cranes--the tallest is a reddish orange. He is back on the joie de vivre topic--I think he's angry that he got cheated. I have my scythe again. Right before I wake up, we end our fall and have a confrontation on an abandoned grandstand stage. I don't have my scythe. Everything is foggy. I wake up, and am mad that I didn't see things through to the end. I try to go back to the dream, but I've shifted positions, and I can never go back to dreams once I've knowingly changed my position in bed.

LeeAnn comes to get me for breakfast an hour or so later. I tell everyone who will listen all day about this.


Also: I uninstalled the Sims, out of an abject fear that I would never do my homework ever again if I had that installed on my computer.
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Angelus Imbrium: I had a dream today that I became a doctor and spent all my years in med school researching metabolic disorders, and developed a cure just in time for Grummak, which is when someone came running in to my hospital room and told me my husband just got brought in for gunshot wounds, and I was the only qualified doctor on call and had to perform the surgery myself. ><
Aucturos: Wow. That's a curious dream. Who was your husband?
Angelus Imbrium: It was Val. Perhaps because of his line of work, or because for some reason in all my dreams whenever I have a husband it's him.
Aucturos: Hmm. That's some dream.
Angelus Imbrium: When I was talking to Grummak after we treated him, I said; "I'm sorry I took away your romantic too-young end, but I couldn't bear the thought of you not growing old with your white picket fence." He then looks at my wedding ring, which is white gold, and the engagement ring is too, very classy understated diamond solitaire. I say, "Maybe it's not with me, but..."
Angelus Imbrium: and then the nurse busts in.
Aucturos: Wow.
Angelus Imbrium: My dreams are nuts clear. I can tell you who was there, what they were wearing, what the nurse looked like, what I looked like, where the shots were. It's crazy.
Aucturos: I used to have dreams like that.
Angelus Imbrium: And the first thing I thought when I woke up was 'law of conservation of matter.'
Angelus Imbrium: I can't save everyone.
Aucturos: *nod nod*
Angelus Imbrium: And the worst part was he was already unconcious when I ran in, and I spent my last moments with him not in contemplation but with my hands covered in blood trying harder that I'd ever tried to save him and failing. ._.


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