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First sentences from every month of the last year.

January: Resolved: I will stop marking.

February: Angelus Imbrium: Imagine a mongoose in a starfleet uniform. That's my childhood.

March: (title, "I kept the unfinished version for some poetic reason that I don't understand") And I like it better than the whole song.

April: I hate the world!

May: H'okay, so today was supposed to be doing homework, but I didn't get out of bed until 1pm when Loren called to say come shopping with him and Tali.

June: My voice is gone, and that's the only reason why I'm still in Galesburg.

July: I stood in the line at the parades today, waiting to join the rest of the streetwalkers as we cheered and sang for a cause we only surmised we believed in.

August: Every time I think of you
I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue
It's no problem of mine
But it's a problem I find
Living a life that I cant leave behind
But there's no sense in telling me
The wisdom of the fool won't set you free
But that's the way that it goes
And it's what nobody knows
Well, every day my confusion grows--

Every time I see you falling
I get down on my knees and pray
I'm waiting for that final moment
You say the words that I can't say.

September: I had poetry in my heart
and in my mind
and in my fingertips
before I went to trim them and
the mundane task
relieved me of my fantastical bent
but it was there
waiting like the first
breath of fall; excited
to begin blowing thoughts
of crisp autumn
and the inevitability
of costuming and Halloween
which I will never be too old
to observe
in all its front-porch glory
and the winter snows
which will make
staying inside for labs
more desirable.

October: I feel like a one woman army marching off into science.

November: So I went to Chem Lab as Fluorine last night, and Prof Welch took a picture of me with the lab staff and then said something like 'Looks like the next cover for the lab manual!' and I realized then that I was dressed as Fluorine with lab goggles up on my head (so they were kind of sassy) and holding a spatula.

December: Now I have a job.


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