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ngiranda2: ello!
on the wallaby: *falls on you and sleeps*
ngiranda2: yay!
ngiranda2: if only you were here
on the wallaby: *dead*
ngiranda2: ack!
ngiranda2: booo!
ngiranda2: no death
on the wallaby: Now I'm in limbo. I send you a postcard.
ngiranda2: bu... bu... I dont belive in limbo!
on the wallaby: Okay, I climb up the damn mountain and get to purgatory.
on the wallaby: I send you a postcard.
ngiranda2: lol
ngiranda2: I dont believe in purgatory!
on the wallaby: Okay, fine. I tempt an angel into coming down into grapple range with one of Sean's gallots and rassle it up to heaven. I ring your doorbell.
ngiranda2: lol
ngiranda2: yay!
ngiranda2: but I'm still alive
on the wallaby: I drop pennies as a sign
ngiranda2: I flip them
on the wallaby: One of them hits you, and it fell from heaven, so you die.
on the wallaby: You ring my doorbell.
ngiranda2: hi!
on the wallaby: Hi!
ngiranda2: nice place up here eh?
on the wallaby: Yeah, but I just comitted murder, so I'll... be seeing you, I guess.
ngiranda2: awwwww...
ngiranda2: well, at least you have cute bat wings
on the wallaby: I go to hell, and send you a postcard.
ngiranda2: *misses you*
ngiranda2: *enjoys postcard*
ngiranda2: I've sent postcards from hell before
on the wallaby: I go on leave for a bit because I'm working for the great satan now, and fly up to heaven.
on the wallaby: I try to get in when God's not looking, but He's always looking...
ngiranda2: ya, and Peter up there keeps a good eye out
on the wallaby: But since I'm here to see you, He lets me in.
on the wallaby: Hi!
ngiranda2: Hi!
ngiranda2: you even been to Hell in the Caymans before?
ngiranda2: I think it was the Caymans
on the wallaby: Well, I do work for the great satan.
ngiranda2: lol
ngiranda2: I'll take that as a yes
on the wallaby: Right.
ngiranda2: psh
ngiranda2: hes not so great in comparision to my boss
ngiranda2: :P
on the wallaby: I know.
on the wallaby: I'd work for yours if I could, but on the application, it was like 'have you ever comitted a felony'
on the wallaby: and I was like... darn.
ngiranda2: I'd give it a go anyways
ngiranda2: hes known to be a fairly forgiving guy
on the wallaby: Okay. Even with murder?
ngiranda2: yup!
on the wallaby: Oh!
on the wallaby: Well...
ngiranda2: hes a bit excentric
on the wallaby: I... re-apply for heaven, and give satan my two weeks.
ngiranda2: lol, the only problem is, after death, you sign a fairly long contract
ngiranda2: you'll probably need to work that off first
on the wallaby: I skipped that when I hitchhiked to heaven from limbo.
ngiranda2: ah, kk
on the wallaby: Believe me, that was no piece of cake.
on the wallaby: That mountain is really tall.
ngiranda2: bu... there is not limbo
ngiranda2: that makes it even more difficult
on the wallaby: Dante told me there was.
on the wallaby: But I took his directions, and when I got to heaven, it was just Florence.
on the wallaby: What a joker.
ngiranda2: lol
on the wallaby: Anyway, I believe in it, so it's there.
on the wallaby: But to climb from my existence into yours is also difficult.
on the wallaby: So they gave me a skip on the contract for abject romanticism.
ngiranda2: that was quite thoughtful of them
on the wallaby: I know, right?
on the wallaby: God is pro-love.
on the wallaby: So it wasn't that surprising.

I have to open the store tomorrow. Ugh.


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